AAAA is a domain record, which is in essence the IPv6 address of the web server where the domain is hosted. The IPv6 system was intended to replace the existing IPv4 system where each and every IP comprises of four sets of decimal numbers ranging from 1 to 255 e.g. However, an IPv6 address includes 8 sets of four hexadecimal numbers - which range from 0 to 9 and from A to F. The reason behind this change is the significantly smaller selection of unique IPs which the current system supports and the quick increase of gadgets which are connected to the world wide web. An illustration of an IPv6 address is 2101:1f34:32e2:2415:1365:4f2b:2553:1345. If you'd like to forward a domain to a server that uses this sort of an address, you'll have to create an AAAA record for it, not the commonly used A record, which is an IPv4 address. Both records provide the very same function, yet different notations are used, to distinguish the two forms of addresses.

AAAA Records in Shared Hosting

If you want to set up a new AAAA record a domain or subdomain hosted in your shared hosting account, it won't take you more than a few simple steps to do that. Our in-house built Hepsia CP is extremely intuitive to use and it will allow you to create or modify every single record with ease. Once you sign in and visit the DNS Records section, where you'll discover all current records for your domain names and subdomains, you'll just have to click on the "New" button, choose AAAA from a small drop-down options menu inside the pop-up which will show up, input or paste the needed IPv6 address and save the change - it is as easy as that. The new record will be fully active within only 1 hour and the hostname which you have created it for will start opening whatever content you have with the other company. When required, you are also going to be able to change the TTL (Time To Live) value, which shows the time in seconds that the new record will be functioning after you eventually edit it to something different or you simply remove it.

AAAA Records in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you've got a semi-dedicated server account from our company and you have to set up an AAAA record for a domain you have hosted in it or a subdomain you have created, it is going to take you only a few clicks within the Hepsia CP to achieve that. Even when you have never had a web hosting account before, you'll not experience any issues because you will use a very simple and easy-to-use interface. All DNS records for your domain addresses are going to be listed in a section of the CP with the exact same name, so once you go there, you will notice all records that have been set up automatically or manually and you will be able to set up a new one by simply clicking the corresponding button. A compact pop-up will appear, so with only several clicks you can choose the type of record that you need and for which Internet domain or subdomain it's going to be set up. After that, simply paste the IPv6 address within a text box, save the change and 1 hour later the new AAAA record will be completely active. As an optional setting, you can pick how long this record is going to be working after you modify it or delete it in the future. This is the so-called TTL, or Time To Live value of the record, which you can modify from the standard 3600 seconds when the other company requires it.