The two most widespread reasons to get a server of your own are in the event that a shared web hosting account cannot handle the load of the sites hosted inside it or if the web sites demand particular software to be running on the hosting server, but it can't be installed on a shared machine. In these scenarios you can get your own server, but this means that you'll be responsible for its maintenance, which isn't so with a shared hosting server where the hosting company does everything. In this light, we've created a Managed Services upgrade, which can be added to any one of our web server plans if you do not have the time or the expertise to manage your machine. Our system admins will set up and troubleshoot software, update your OS plus much more in order to supply you with the opportunity to concentrate on growing your Internet sites rather than handling various maintenance tasks.

Managed Services Package in VPS Hosting

The Managed Services package is available for each and every virtual private server which we offer and if you want to take advantage of this extra service, you could add it with a couple of mouse clicks when you sign up or at a later point in time via your VPS billing area. The upgrade could be renewed monthly, so you can decide if you'll use it regularly or only every now and then if you require it. It includes many things that shall make the supervision of your hosting server much easier - a weekly backup of the whole VPS regardless of how much space you have used, regular supervising of the running processes and rebooting if necessary, weekly Operating System updates for much better protection and performance, and installation and troubleshooting of third-party programs. This way you can reap the benefits of the full capacity of a virtual server without needing to worry about the technical part as we will assist you with any problem that you may encounter.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Web Hosting

We offer the Managed Services upgrade with all of our Linux dedicated web hosting and if you make a decision that you need it, you may add it on the order page or via your billing area with just several clicks. You could also decide if you shall use it only once or for an extensive period of time because it shall not be locked to your dedicated server plan. The Managed Services upgrade includes fifty gigabytes of backup space to guarantee that we can restore any vital information you may have if anything fails, 24/7 hosting server tracking and restarting when necessary, Operating System updates to ensure the secure and stable operation of your sites as well as installing and troubleshooting any third-party app that you would like to use on the server. You could save a reasonable amount of time and efforts with this upgrade because you will get timely assistance from our qualified system administrators every time you require it.